When you have an imported car, you have to treat it with more care than you would a domestic one. This could include filling up with a higher grade of gasoline or getting it serviced more often. So, when it comes to import car maintenance or repair, it’s important to head to a luxury auto repair shop for unparalleled, specialized service.

Why You Should Opt for a Luxury Auto Repair Shop for Your Import Car

1. Technicians Have Specialized Training
Luxury car maintenance technicians are specifically trained and certified in imported brands and cars. Their education continues as new makes and models are rolled out. Instead of guessing how to fix an issue, they’ll have the knowledge straight from the manufacturer on how to properly complete repairs. You can rest easy knowing your automobile is in experienced hands.

2. More Affordable Than the Manufacturer
While it may seem easier to head straight to the manufacturer for normal repairs and maintenance, your bill there could skyrocket fast. By going with a local, certified team, you’re getting affordable prices on high-performance repairs.

3. Has Access to the Right Parts
If you need someone to look at your BMW or Jaguar®, your local auto shop simply won’t have access to the parts you need. When you go to a certified luxury auto repair shop, though, their technicians are certified, allowing them to work directly with the retailer. This relationship means you get the correct parts, saving you time and money down the road.

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