The owner knows his stuff, that’s for sure!

“The owner knows his stuff, that’s for sure!  He is very thorough when checking out a car; almost too thorough, because it really hit me in the wallet.  One practice that he had that I didn’t appreciate was billing us several hours for the diagnosis.  This occurred  when we told him that we didn’t want to buy $3K worth of work from him at once for a 2003 Lexus RX300 with 100K miles on it without having a hard think about whether we should just sell the car instead.  We decided to keep the vehicle though but break up the work into a few months worth and he gave it back to us as a discount on the next job, so I guess that’s okay.  Just something people should be aware of…

The car is running great now and will be a nice car for our daughter to drive for another few years until she is in a position to pick out (and pay for) her own car.

Also of note is the fact that this place can be a little difficult to find.  Its sort of at the corner of Jungermann and Old SR 94, but it is tucked behind a building that faces SR94.  Go S on Jungermann, turn West on 94, and take the driveway right next to the bank’s driveway.  Follow the road around behind the strip mall and you’ll find Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist.”