“I Trusted Their Judgement and Expertise”

Regarding my first visit to Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist and working with David I would like to express the following experiences: I brought my 1998 740i BMW (118K miles) in for handling and radio problems. David handled my service write-up in a very thorough manner and suggested a complete diagnostic work-up to evaluate my vehicle’s overall condition… known and unknown issues. The diagnostic report indicated more serious issues that even I knew of. David and Syd both reassured me that if I placed my vehicle in their hands I would be very well pleased at the results. I trusted their judgement and expertise. The outcome was to put it simply, AMAZING! I received my vehicle in great shape with all the minor and major problems gone and the performance of the vehicle was almost as it was when I originally purchased it in 1998. What an absolute joy to feel the power and performance of this incredible vehicle again.

J. Rich