1. FAQs of Flushing Your Import’s Engine

    As a European auto import owner, you know that the engine is what makes your vehicle what it is: a dominating, strong machine. It is crucial that your engine works to its fullest abilities. If you treat your European import like a prized possession and rarely drive it, you may want to consider getting your engine flushed. You may have heard experts say most cars do not need their engine flushed, a…Read More

  2. Be Good to Your Engine – Part 1

    You just bought your new, gorgeous European import automobile--and wow, it is stunning. We know exactly what your arms and legs are itching to do: take your new ride out on the road, push the pedal to the metal, and see what it can do! Before you take your new baby for a spin, make sure you know how to be kind to the engine. Yes, your new import is capable of amazing speed and agility, but knowing…Read More

  3. Be Good to Your Engine Part 2

    In our previous blog post, Be Good to Your Engine Part 1, we discussed taking it easy on your brand new engine and being careful when using your vehicle in the cold weather. Today, we have some more tips and tricks to help prolong the life of your engine. Beware of speeding Yes, we know. That’s what your European import beauty was made for! However, driving too fast will burn through your gas qu…Read More

  4. Overheating: A Car Owner’s Nightmare

    When Immediate Repair is Needed It is the shared experience of many people of helplessly watching as the temperature gauge on their dash continues to rise without effort or mercy. Ticking towards possible damage like a blown gasket or a cracked head, that needle almost always means impending trouble. At the point of panic, it is less important to know what's causing it then knowing what, if anyth…Read More

  5. Old Tires Can Be More Dangerous Then You Think

    Don’t Let Old Tires Ruin Your Day Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we want your Audi to perform as efficiently as possible. We offer a wide range of services that could benefit your Audi, and today we are going to talk about an issue that many people don’t really consider: tires. Sure, everyone knows that tires need to be replaced when they are…Read More

  6. Winter Essentials For Your Mercedes Pt. 2

    Make Sure You and Your Mercedes are Prepared This Winter   Welcome back to the Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist blog! In our previous post, we went over some essential items that St. Charles residents should keep in their Mercedes this winter to ensure that that they are never left out in the cold. While we will perform all necessary import maintenance that you may require, occasionally m…Read More

  7. Common Lexus Repairs Pt. 1

    Is Your Lexus Ready for Summer?   Here at Kudos Import and Performance, summer is one of our favorite times of the year. We love summer so much because it is the perfect time of year to take your Lexus out and cruise the roads in comfort. Unfortunately, after the long winters we experience here in Chesterfield, your Lexus may need some maintenance and repair work in order for the vehicle to f…Read More