1. The Top Porsche Issues You Should Look Out For

    Porsche vehicles are examples of mankind’s love of beauty. The crown molding in The National Gallery, crowning the room that displays a variety of Caravaggio's gorgeous paintings, is truly akin to each and every Porsche model on the road. Certainly, it’s a precision vehicle that can outpace just about anything else on the road with its lithe figure and aerodynamic body, but it’s also a piece…Read More

  2. Porsche Spring Maintenance Checklist

    Treat Your Porsche Right This Spring   With spring in full swing, it’s time to make sure that your Porsche is ready to handle the roads of Chesterfield this summer. While we are sure that you have been performing regular maintenance checks on your Porsche all winter long, we here at Kudos Import And Performance want to help you make sure that your Porsche is in perfect working condition. In…Read More

  3. Porsche Spring Maintenance Checklist Pt. 2

    Is Your Porsche Ready for Spring?   Hello, and welcome back to our blog! In our previous post, we started covering some of the spring maintenance tips that you need to perform to ensure that your Porsche is running the best that it possibly can. In today’s post, we are going to cover a few more maintenance tips for you to follow and we hope that by the end of this blog you feel confident in…Read More