1. 6 Fluids to Keep Your Import Auto Running

    As an import auto owner, you know how important your car is to you. When your prized vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly as she should be, you know to get her checked out as soon as possible. However, what about the maintenance you need before your car starts acting strangely? Every car, whether it be a Porsche, a BMW, or a Rolls-Royce needs fluids to be able to glide down the road at full power and…Read More

  2. Why Snow Tires Matter

    Winter is coming. With this fact in mind, you may want to take a moment and inspect whether or not your import’s tires are in good enough condition to handle everything that winter will throw at them. While many people choose to rely on all-weather tires throughout the year, snow tires come with some great benefits. Why snow tires? Snow tires, also known as winter tires, are specially designed t…Read More

  3. Protecting Your BMW From Rust This Winter Pt. 1

    The Winter Months Are Hard On Your Vehicle   While winter no doubt has a certain beauty to it, it can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Between the freezing temperatures, excessive amount of moisture, and the salt used to de-ice roadways, the undercarriage of your car can take quite a beating. Here at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we want all of our Chesterfield clients who own BMW vehicle…Read More

  4. Common Porsche Issues Pt. 2

    Keep Your Porsche Healthy in Chesterfield Hello, and welcome to part two of our blog series about common issues that can plague your Porsche. As we stated in our last post, we here at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, want all of our Chesterfield clients to be confident in the performance of their import vehicles. While this blog series is focused mainly on issues that can affect Porsches, man…Read More

  5. Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On Pt. 2

    Don’t Ignore Your Import Auto’s Check Engine Light Hello there, and welcome to part two of our blog series on the most common reasons that your check engine light is on. The winter months, especially in Chesterfield, are not a time that you want to experience issues with your vehicle. Even though it is easy to dismiss your check engine light, we here at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist imp…Read More

  6. Common Lexus Repairs Pt. 1

    Is Your Lexus Ready for Summer?   Here at Kudos Import and Performance, summer is one of our favorite times of the year. We love summer so much because it is the perfect time of year to take your Lexus out and cruise the roads in comfort. Unfortunately, after the long winters we experience here in Chesterfield, your Lexus may need some maintenance and repair work in order for the vehicle to f…Read More

  7. Trust Your Lexus To The Experts

    Don’t Trust Your Lexus to Just Anyone   Here at Kudos Import and Performance, we have quite a few people ask us if it is really necessary to bring their luxury vehicle to a repair shop that specializes in luxury vehicles. In their minds, a car is a car, and it shouldn’t really matter where you take a vehicle to get repaired because all vehicles are essentially the same, right? While it is…Read More

  8. Trust Your Lexus To The Experts Pt. 2

    We are the Lexus Repair Experts in Chesterfield   When it comes to luxury vehicle repair, not all mechanic shops are created equal. Sure, you can walk into an average car repair shop with your Lexus and, for the most part, the mechanics will have an idea of how to fix your problem. However, this is a lot like taking a Mac into a Windows repair store and expecting them to be able to expertly h…Read More

  9. What To Do When Your Lexus Needs Repairs

    Don’t Ignore the Needs of Your Lexus   When it comes to your Lexus, we’re sure that you want to keep it in as good of condition as possible. Your Lexus is an investment and, as such, should be treated as such. Here at Kudos Import and Performance, we are experts when it comes to Lexus repairs and, in today’s post, we wanted to go over the exact steps that you need to take in the event t…Read More