1. Warning: When to Check Your Brakes

    We know why you love your luxury vehicle. It’s bold, it’s strong, and it’s fast. The only feeling better than cruising over the smooth pavement is the confidence in your vehicle’s ability to stop when it needs to. While we can talk about how amazing it feels to speed down an open road, we can’t forget how important stopping is when we finally approach that traffic light. How do you know …Read More

  2. Prepare Your Mercedes For Winter

    Maintenance for your Mercedes Winter is almost upon us, and at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist in St. Charles we want you to be prepared. Winter requires special maintenance of your vehicle, and presents a whole set of challenges that are not present in warmer seasons. While we service a myriad of luxury import vehicles, today we are going to focus on some tips to keep your Mercedes in optima…Read More

  3. Winter Essentials For Your Mercedes Pt. 2

    Make Sure You and Your Mercedes are Prepared This Winter   Welcome back to the Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist blog! In our previous post, we went over some essential items that St. Charles residents should keep in their Mercedes this winter to ensure that that they are never left out in the cold. While we will perform all necessary import maintenance that you may require, occasionally m…Read More

  4. Common Porsche Issues Pt. 2

    Keep Your Porsche Healthy in Chesterfield Hello, and welcome to part two of our blog series about common issues that can plague your Porsche. As we stated in our last post, we here at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, want all of our Chesterfield clients to be confident in the performance of their import vehicles. While this blog series is focused mainly on issues that can affect Porsches, man…Read More

  5. Porsche Spring Maintenance Checklist Pt. 2

    Is Your Porsche Ready for Spring?   Hello, and welcome back to our blog! In our previous post, we started covering some of the spring maintenance tips that you need to perform to ensure that your Porsche is running the best that it possibly can. In today’s post, we are going to cover a few more maintenance tips for you to follow and we hope that by the end of this blog you feel confident in…Read More