1. Time To Replace My Import Auto’s Tires?

    In respect to all import autos and European cars, knowing when to make additions, upgrades or even simple changes such as switching tires, can be frustrating.  At Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist the Top Rated Local® Import Auto Repair in St. Charles, we understand the frustration and would like to take the time to give some insight on import auto repair or more importantly, When is it time …Read More

  2. 3 Great Tips on How To Save Gas When Driving

    Gas.  It fuels us.  We don't simply use gas for import autos, but for industrial, residential, commercial, electric power, and more. Therefore, when thinking about consumption, all auto owners need to focus on conserving, and using wisely.  As BMW Service repair experts in St. Charles, Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, understands that the weekly trips to the gas station can add up quickly,…Read More

  3. What Does that Check Engine Light Mean?

    Understanding when the Annoyance Becomes an Emergency Ignoring a check engine light, brightly illuminated on your dashboard, is much like ignoring those love handles on your spouse: it may not be an issue now but it could grow into a much bigger problem later. It’s been the unfortunate experience of most car owners to be caught off-guard, from time to time, by an engine light that refuses to tur…Read More

  4. 4 Facts About the Tesla Model S

    We at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist know that the Tesla owner is a true visionary. This is someone who knows what technology is worth and is ready to not only pave the road for the future, but drive on it, too. What makes Tesla so special? Here are some interesting facts you may not know about this visionary motor company and specifically the Tesla Model S: The Model S has a small motor. Th…Read More

  5. Preparing your Import Vehicle for St Charles’ Winter

    Keep Your Vehicle Running all winter long with Expert Auto Repair With the beginning of September looming it is, unfortunately, time to start readying for fall. As kids are heading back to school, it’s a great time to prepare your car for the cooler weather. By making sure that your vehicle is ready for the cold, you’ll be able to experience a winter free of unexpected breakdowns, avoiding be…Read More

  6. Winter Essentials For Your Mercedes Pt. 2

    Make Sure You and Your Mercedes are Prepared This Winter   Welcome back to the Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist blog! In our previous post, we went over some essential items that St. Charles residents should keep in their Mercedes this winter to ensure that that they are never left out in the cold. While we will perform all necessary import maintenance that you may require, occasionally m…Read More

  7. Porsche Spring Maintenance Checklist Pt. 2

    Is Your Porsche Ready for Spring?   Hello, and welcome back to our blog! In our previous post, we started covering some of the spring maintenance tips that you need to perform to ensure that your Porsche is running the best that it possibly can. In today’s post, we are going to cover a few more maintenance tips for you to follow and we hope that by the end of this blog you feel confident in…Read More