1. What Does that Check Engine Light Mean?

    Understanding when the Annoyance Becomes an Emergency Ignoring a check engine light, brightly illuminated on your dashboard, is much like ignoring those love handles on your spouse: it may not be an issue now but it could grow into a much bigger problem later. It’s been the unfortunate experience of most car owners to be caught off-guard, from time to time, by an engine light that refuses to tur…Read More

  2. Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On Pt. 2

    Don’t Ignore Your Import Auto’s Check Engine Light Hello there, and welcome to part two of our blog series on the most common reasons that your check engine light is on. The winter months, especially in Chesterfield, are not a time that you want to experience issues with your vehicle. Even though it is easy to dismiss your check engine light, we here at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist imp…Read More