1. Common Audi Repairs Pt. 1

    Even With the Best Maintenance Your Audi Will Need Repairs   Here at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we realize that none of our Chesterfield clients want to have repairs done on their Audi. Repairs usually take time and cost hard earned money, however, it is an unfortunate fact of automobiles that they will all, eventually, need to have some repair work done. While we stress how import…Read More

  2. Does Audi Repair Require A Special Mechanic?

    Your Audi is a High Performance Machine Hello dear reader, welcome back to the Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist blog. One of the most common questions that we receive at our shop is whether or not it truly makes a difference if an Audi owner brings their vehicle to an import auto mechanic or a regular mechanic. While we understand the logic behind this question (a car is a car right?); we’re…Read More

  3. Audi Spring Maintenance Checklist

    Follow These Steps to Make Sure Your Audi is Ready for Spring   With February coming to a close, spring is fast approaching. While this is good news for our Chesterfield clients (after all, who really likes cold weather?), it also means that it is time to make sure that your Audi is ready for the warmer weather. While the colder months are traditionally harsher on vehicles, the warmer months …Read More

  4. Audi Repair: Instrument Cluster Problems

    One of these components that more commonly experiences issues is the instrument cluster. What’s the instrument cluster? The instrument cluster is where all of your gauges sit in your dashboard and is an important part of your vehicle. If your instrument cluster is on the fritz, it may interfere with how well you can gauge your speed, your fuel level, and a plethora of other issues that are just …Read More

  5. Audi Repair: Instrument Cluster Problems Pt. 2

    Don’t Let Audi Repair Get You Down   We get it; having to get your Audi repaired is never fun. In fact, we are willing to bet that getting your Audi repaired is one of the last things you want to have to do with your hard earned money. However, as any car owner knows, eventually you are going to have to get your car repaired. Repairs are a part of owning a car. However, with a bit of mainte…Read More