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Volvo Auto Repair & Foreign Car Service - St. Charles

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Keep Your Volvo Running Safely

To keep your Volvo running safely and smoothly, regular maintenance is important and it keeps your warranty intact. It is for the Volvo owner’s benefit to keep up with their service and maintenance to provide them with the best possible experience of owning a Volvo. Kudos Import Auto Service is proud to provide quality Volvo repair, maintenance and performance services in St. Charles Missouri.

Volvo Routine Service & Checks

  • Engine Oil & Filter Change

  • Tires

  • Windshield Wiper Blades

  • Car Engine Battery

  • Exterior Vehicle Lighting

  • Vehicle Exhaust

  • Brakes

  • Vehicle Air Filter

Volvo Tire Tips (Need Tires for your Volvo? Click here!)

  • Inflate

  • Check Tire Pressure Weekly

  • Especially before a long trip to prevent performance or safety issues.

  • Under-inflation reduces fuel efficiency and causes uneven wear-and-tear on tires' outside edges, which could result in failure and blowout

  • Over-inflation causes wear-and-tear to the center of the tire, which could result in separation from the belt, poor handling of vehicle and a harsh ride.


  • Check tire tread depth periodically

  • Check for proper inflation guidelines for your Volvo (Owner's manual or on the driver's side door jam)


  • Replace tires when the tire tread wears down

  • Low tire tread causes less traction with the road and hydroplaning which results in poor handling of your Volvo vehicle.

  • 2/32" is the minimum legal tire tread dept in most states

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