Tesla is one of the most thrilling luxury vehicle brands to rise in the past decade. Some of the intrigue surrounding the brand certainly stems from the eccentric CEO that supports entertaining initiatives and weird new companies like his The Boring Company, which is actively trying to make traffic better for all of us. But the most impressive portion of the Tesla brand has to be their innovative streak. In one company, we’ve seen three major developments in the automobile industry, all thanks to Tesla.

The first has to be the electric vehicle with a decent range: Gone are the days of an EV having the driving ability of a nice go-kart. The second is that self-driving vehicles are more than just a vague dream like a flying car; they exist, and what’s more, this start-up managed to beat Google to completing a functioning version of this technology. Equally impressive is their dedication to making a beautiful car that has access to more futuristic perks (like self-driving and EV ranges that are ever climbing) affordable to multiple people.

While Elon Musk might have a few strange ideas about trying to market a leather jacket made from the same leather used on Tesla seats, he certainly knows what he’s doing otherwise.