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Tesla Maintenance & Tesla Repair Professionals - St. Charles

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Auto Service for the 21st Century

Being a part of a changing industry, at the turning point of innovation, is highly exciting. As we move towards state-of-the-art technologies of alternatively-fueled vehicles, we are proud to say that we rank among the leaders in the St. Louis area for service and maintenance for those vehicles.

Being touted as a “revolution in automobile engineering” Tesla has successfully addressed the disappointments and performance issues experienced by previous electric-run vehicles and have energized the alternative fuel industry in some very exciting ways. With stunning good looks, exceptional safety ratings and luxurious appointments that rival the best-received auto manufacturers in the world, the Tesla vehicles bring a level of …. ok, yeah we’ll say it…. electrifying enthusiasm for driving again.

Instant, silent power coupled by state-of-the-art amenities that take driver luxury into the space age are just two of the reasons Tesla does more than turn heads; it changes minds.

Authorized Tesla Service Provider

As St. Charles’ premier import auto repair experts, we are exceedingly proud to be an authorized Tesla service center. Moving into the future of electric-powered vehicles, the most skilled of our technicians at Kudos Import and Performance have been educated on the elements and functions of both the Tesla Model S and the Model X.

By always focusing on stellar customer care, prompt attention and expertise in automotive service, we’ve become the area’s preferred choice for auto repair. From routine maintenance to major repair, we have the experience and knowledge to handle your import auto repair needs, regardless of the make. We invite you to experience why Kudos is the choice for many of St. Charles’ auto enthusiasts.

Five Interesting Facts About Tesla

  • The National Highway Safety Administration awarded the Model S with the highest safety rating awarded to any car in the history of the ratings system.

  • The motor that runs the vehicle is about the size of a watermelon

  • It is the AC motor that was first designed by Nikola Tesla in the 1880's

  • The Model S has capabilities that allow you to control certain functions remotely from your smart phone.

  • The door handles are virtually invisible until you are within range of the vehicle; at which time they "pop out" and illuminate.

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