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Rolls Royce Repair Professionals - St. Charles & St. Louis

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The Unmitigated Luxury of Rolls Royce Automobiles

Is there any doubt as to what car manufacturer is the ultimate in decadent luxury? If you had to think twice, then you need to learn more about the unparalleled supremacy that is the Rolls Royce brand. The preeminent auto manufacture’s name is synonymous with status and regal perfection. And for many earned reasons.

As striking in its performance as it is in its appearance, the Rolls Royce is understated elegance at its optimal best. Never has there been a vehicle that makes being driven as enjoyable as driving itself. Rolls Royce owners expect superb quality in all aspects and this premier auto manufacturer delivers in spades.

Excellence In Rolls Royce Service

Understanding just what special forethought and prudence is presumed of Rolls Royce service specialists, our team takes special care when honored with the responsibility of maintaining these amazingly-appointed vehicles. We understand that a Rolls Royce, of any year or model, is an uncommon vehicle and should be treated with the utmost respect and interest.

By providing a higher level of expertise to our Rolls Royce clientele, the team of customer care specialists at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist has established their own reputation for elite distinction. Schedule a personalized service and maintenance appointment now at 636-224-4239 and discover the Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist difference.

The Excellence of the Rolls Royce Brand

  • Each vehicle’s wood grain elements come from a unique source of wood. It’s veneers can be traced from one tree that was felled just for that specific car’s interior

  • The iconic winged lady hood ornament is called the Spirit of Ecstasy and cost BMW $40 million to claim the rights to when they bought the luxury vehicle line from VW in 2002

  • The hood ornament can be ordered in illuminated crystal or gold.

  • Alfa Regular Tune-UpsM

  • An estimated 65% of the manufacturer’s vehicles are still on the road today.

  • Rolls Royce also excels in jet engine manufacturing. The company’s engines power Gulfstreams, 777s and British Harriers.

  • Only 18 of the Phantom IV were built.

  • Champagne flutes are a factory option