An Infiniti is by all means a superior vehicle. In 1985, Nissan wanted to make an answer to the Lexus and craft a specialized vehicle that could safely be categorized as luxury, without giving up the three pillar features of the Nissan brand. Thus, the Infiniti line hit the North American markets and made a notable splash. Soon, the Infiniti vehicle line-up could offer Nissan’s versatility of use, their reliability, and their inexpensive maintenance costs but with a more luxurious ride and detailing on the interior and overall craftsmanship of the car. This hasn’t changed in the years between when the Infiniti emblem started gracing the hods of plenty of high-quality vehicles all over the U.S.. If you want your Infiniti to stay up to date and well-tuned for your needs, start bringing it to Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist.