Ferrari: An Icon of Automotive Excellence

Automotive enthusiasts of all types cannot deny the visceral pull that just the mention of the iconic sports car’s name invokes. It is undeniably one of the world’s most enviable vehicles; turning men into drooling boys with just a glance. Any of the elite vehicles that bear the Ferrari name would be a four-wheeled dream for those who are performance-driven in their search for automotive excellence.

Never short on luxurious amenities, comfort and sheer power, the Ferrari is still ranked as the ultimate, even among the best automobiles in the world.

Ferrari Masters In Service

Entrusting the repair and service of your import auto is never something that should be dealt with lightly. We take the opportunity and of maintaining your Ferrari with honor by handling your vehicle with kid gloves and the utmost respect. With unparalleled expertise and specialized knowledge of the vehicle and their unique systems, we have quickly become the trusted source for auto service and repair for Chesterfield elite group of Ferrari owners. Find out why the Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist team is the preferred alternative to dealership service centers by scheduling your service appointment today.

Five Interesting Facts About Ferrari

  • Iconic race car driver, Enzo Ferrari, was a mule-shoer and blacksmith for the Italian Army during World War I.
  • The instantly recognizable black stallion used as Ferrari’s logo was initially in honor of flying ace Count Francesco Baracca, whose World War I airplane was also adorned with the rearing horse emblem.
  • The most expensive Ferrari was a 250 GTO built in 1963. It sold for a reported $52 million in 2013.
  • The Ferrari that met its demise in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off were replicas of the 250 Gt model and not an actual one. Of course not, since even at 1986 prices, destroying one would have cost producers $350,000. Even the vehicle used in the parking valet scenes was a “replicar”.
  • Ferrari gifted an Enzo Ferrari to Pope John Paul in 2004. That donation went to the Vatican and was then auctioned off for $1.1 million. Those proceeds went to support the victims of that year’s tsunami in Southeast Asia.

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