A luxury automobile is the kind of thing that you spend a large majority of your childhood picturing. You’ll picture first, the look of the car, you’ll pick a brand, like Audi, or Lexus, or Maybach, or even Lotus. You’ll plaster posters of your favorite models up in your room, in your math comp book, on your favorite subjects binder.

The picture will start to come together when you first set foot in a luxury automobile. Now you’ll be able to recognize what that specific grain of leather is like beneath you legs, how the material feels against the tips of your fingers. You’ll know what the interior of an import vehicle smells like, how the light dances through the tinted windshield. You’ll start to know the curves of the fenders, the gleam of the lights. You’ll start to know the shape, the shadow, the scent and all the other manipulations of the senses associated with that car. The car is a picture of your future, a future you’ve always wanted and even if some details of your present aren’t exactly what you thought they would be, you can still have the vehicle that has become a landmark of what you’ve always wanted to be.

That’s what it’s like when you finally sign the dotted line and that Audi isn’t just a picture anymore, it’s your Audi.