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Alfa Romeo Repair Professionals in Chesterfield

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Whether you are a fan of the two-seat Spiders of the 60’s and 70’s or an enthusiast of the newest models rolling off the assembly line this year, there is one thing to be said about Alfa Romeo’s automobiles, their unique design and engineering has always had a global fan base.

Alfa Romeo loyalists know it’s not about the reviews, the gas mileage or the power. Their enthusiasm for the quirky brand is all about the drive; it’s about the sheer pleasure of a stripped down, lightweight sports car that  makes you truly engage behind the wheel. Compared to such heavyweights as the Corvette Stingray and the Audi R8, Alfa’s newest sports car offering is setting the world on its collective heels as a whole new generation falls in love with the brand as deeply as previous generations once did.

Alfa Romeo Service and Repair

If you’re anything like us, you are as attached to your Alfa Romeo as you are to a favored family pet. There is a dedication to your vehicle that you can’t quite explain to those who would question your adoration. Heck, you may not even have found a way to explain it to yourself. But we know. We get it.

As Chesterfield chosen Alfa Romeo repair and service specialists, we know the unique benefits that your vehicle delivers. We apply our knowledgeable expertise to every aspect of servicing your vehicle, from bumper to bumper, to ensure that your car’s unique specifications are met. Alfa Romeo owners from all over the St. Louis area have come to expect only the very finest automobile service and customer care from our import auto team and we want only to satisfy those expectations completely. Discover the difference our expertise and care can make by scheduling your service appointment.

Five things You Didn't Know About Alfa Romeo

  • The logo features a large snake swallowing what appears to be a human being and of course, a red cross. The cross is apparently a symbol of Milan, the hometown of the car company. According to the reps at Alfa Romeo, the snake is not actually eating the man but rather, the man is coming out of the snake “purified and renewed.”
  • Alfa is actually A.L.F.A. or short for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili.
  • The Italian car company was actually started by the French.
  • Alfa Romeo once employed Enzo Ferrari as one of their race car drivers. The Ferrari racing team was in fact Alfa Romeo’s factory team until Enzo left to form his own company in 1939.
  • The Alfa 164 was renamed as 168 for the Hong Kong, Malaysian and Indonesian markets because the number in Chinese sounded too similar to “all the way to death”.
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