Preparing your Porsche for winter

The winter months are hard on your Porsche. Freezing temperatures, hazardous road conditions and salt buildup can leave your automobile in a less than optimal condition come summer time. At Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we care about the condition of your vehicle. Below we have listed a few tips to prepare your Porsche for the harsh months to come

Have your brakes serviced

Taking care of your brakes now will decrease your chances of running into issues later. Most Porsches are equipped with disc brakes, and while this design has many advantages, disc brakes require more upkeep than traditional drum brakes. Worn disc brakes are far less effective than newer ones, and during the winter months, this effectiveness plays a heavy role. Disc brakes that have too much wear on them can cause excess noise, brake pedal vibration, and decreased stopping power. These are not issues you want to deal with on snowy roads.

Tires make a difference

Take a few minutes to inspect your Porsche’s tires, paying special attention to the condition of the tread. Many Porches are equipped with low profile tires which become worn down much quicker than traditional tires. After confirming the tread is at an acceptable level check the pressure levels of each tire to make sure they are properly filled for cold weather. Your tires will expand and contract less during the winter, and, as such, shouldn’t be filled to the same levels you would use during warmer months. For another tire maintenance option, check out our previous blog about winter tires.

Check all fluid levels

While this step should be a routine maintenance check year round, it becomes especially important in the winter. Oil and other fluids are affected by the the cold temperatures, and if they are not at the proper levels, it could lead to engine damage. It is especially important during this time that you make sure your vehicle’s antifreeze levels are at the proper volume.

While there are many other things you can do to your vehicle to prepare it for winter, checking these three areas will help to make sure that your auto handles the cold in style. Contact us today at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, and let us get your Porsche ready for the winter. Our professional staff will meet all of your Porsche service and repair needs, and will make sure that your car is performing at its best. Because we all know, winter is coming.