An Automobile With a Much-Deserved Reputation 

Being the premier Porsche service and repair facility in St Charles, we can pick out the Porsche owner in our lobby with an almost pinpoint accuracy. There’s just something different, something intangibly unique, about the driver of a Porsche. Maybe it’s swagger; maybe it’s confidence; maybe it’s the after-effects of the adrenaline rush they just experienced. Regardless, much like their performance automobiles, Porsche owners are simply different; though they would probably use the word “special”. So what makes a Porsche so different? So much more special than any other sports car on the road?

The enthusiasts we see at Kudos Import & Performance for Porsche repair and service say everything; but we’ll try to take a more moderate stance on what makes a Porsche so unique.

Fans of Porsche say that it’s:

  • Its unbelievably strong body and build. The arched design makes for some of the strongest bodies on the road.
  • Its function-based, easy-to-read dashboard controls. Basic and simple, the Porsche’s cockpit allows little to no room for gadgets or distractions from the joy of driving.
  • Zero depreciation on classic models. Enough said.
  • That unique and easily recognizable sound of a Porsche engine.
  • Its ability to do both 35 mph and 155 mph with the same level of handling and performance.
  • Its high dependability factor. Well-maintained Porsche’s are known to rarely ever experience engine failure of any type. Some would argue that Porsche automobiles are prime examples of German engineering at its best.

At Kudos, our certified techs know and understand Porsche service better than most in the area and apply the same passion and enthusiasm for the brand into the maintenance and service of them as their owners. Schedule your next Porsche service with Kudos at 636-224-4239.