Winter is coming. With this fact in mind, you may want to take a moment and inspect whether or not your import’s tires are in good enough condition to handle everything that winter will throw at them. While many people choose to rely on all-weather tires throughout the year, snow tires come with some great benefits.

Why snow tires?

Snow tires, also known as winter tires, are specially designed to provide increased traction and control during snowy or icy driving conditions. Snow tires have wider treads than all season tires to help push through snow that can build up on roadways. They are also made of a softer rubber due to the fact that when it is cold, rubber hardens. By utilizing a softer rubber, the tires get just hard enough in the cold to provide great traction and stability. Occasionally, snow tires will have small, hardened objects embedded in them, like metal spikes, to increase their traction in icy conditions.

When should I use snow tires?

Snow tires are best suited for use in areas where it snows regularly throughout the winter. They are especially useful for people who may travel back roads during the winter, due to the fact that these roads are not maintained as frequently as busier streets. If the roads in your town are covered for most of the winter in some form of snow or ice, having a set of winter tires could greatly increase not just your safety, but the safety of those around you. Remember, when putting snow tires onto your vehicle, replace all four tires. If you only replace two, you increase your chance of spinning out on an icy road.

Once your snow tires have helped you make it through winter in one piece, be sure to switch them back out for your all-season tires. While they do an excellent job during winter, snow tires are too soft for the warmer months and will degrade quickly. Visit Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist today, and let us setup your import vehicle with a set of snow tires before the first snow.