A Commitment To Excellence And Luxury

We know how important it is to properly care for any vehicle, especially a foriegn or luxury automobile. What’s more, we’re experts in properly caring for exotic luxury vehicles and forieng cars. You’ve invested in a marvel of machinery, and you not only deserve automotive care that matches the class and excellence of your vehicle, but you deserve auto technicians who care about the impressive nature of the vehicle as much as you do.

While we’re based in Chesterfield, we serve the whole Greater St. Louis Area, serving as the authority in import automotive care. To maintain this reputation, we offer the services you need to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest while ensuring its longevity.

Luxury Import Auto Tuning

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Your import vehicle will benefit greatly from our import auto tuning services. Whether you’ve missed some maintenance visits and need to get your maintenance schedule back on track, or it’s time for another tune-up, we can take care of you. After all, while the outside of your import vehicle is pristine and mesmerizing, its insides should be too!

And don’t worry, if you’ve fallen behind on your foreign car’s maintenance it is by no means the end of your automobile. With a tune-up at Luxury Import Auto Repair Services, the inner workings of your vehicle will be happy, healthy, and at full-effectiveness.