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Opti-Coat Pro & Opti-Guard Protection at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist

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Opti-Coat Pro

Every car exterior is vulnerable to the wear and tear of time and use. Small dings from rocks, scratches from door keys and fingernails, marks and blemishes from unknown sources all add up to a dingy, marred and chipped paint job that diminishes the entire look and  feel of your vehicle. Fortunately, there is help. 

At Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we are a proud dealer of Opti-Coat products, utilizing their innovative paint protectant to enhance and beautify your vehicle, no matter its age. After intensive detailing, our vehicle aesthetics team can apply Opti-Coat ceramic clear coat to protect against those inadvertent damages and dings for the lifetime of the vehicle. State-of-the-art ceramic pro 9H properties allow for superior schratch resistance and long-term protection from chemical etching. Find out more by scheduling your next appointment with Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist. 

Opti-Coat Guard Protection

Being able to drive in luxury is only possible if your car's interior reflects that level of sophistication. It goes without saying that stains and spots on your car's upholstery do little to convey that idea of style. 

Whether your vehicle is outfitted with a fabric or leather interior, protecting its lifelong appearance is important for both pride of ownership and continued value of your car. As authorized dealers of Opti-Coat products, the Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist team can help protect the appearance of all of your interior surfaces. From dashboard to floor mats, we can apply a layer of protection that is impervious to moisture, chemicals and even cleaners. 

With Opti-Guard Fabric and Opti-Guard Leather, your car's interior will shine for years to come, allowing you the full priviledge of driving luxury. 


Opti-Coat Offerings at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist