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Morgan Import Auto Repair In St. Charles

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Morgan: A Vehicle Meant for Top-Down Adventures

Each and every aspect of a Morgan automobile is completely unique, making it an unforgettable sight on the roadways. Something about the hand-crafted signature lines recall the beginnings of automotive engineering; instilling an instantaneous desire to simply drive an afternoon away on winding country roads. A Morgan Roadster is, at its basic, the  perfect excuse to delegate away all responsibilities and take to the road.

The thrill of the open road is personified in many of the vehicles in the unique motor car’s impressive line. Morgan owners are rare and few because ownership takes a special personality. Though the vehicle automatically causes visceral reactions in most, it takes a special person to harness those reactions; making its owner just as special and unique as the car itself. If you have to ask why people are compelled to drive a Morgan, it’s not for you. Move on.

Expert Care For Your Morgan Automobile

As specialists in import auto repair, our team of technicians are accomplished in exemplary service and maintenance for the world’s most luxurious and rare automobiles, including Morgan. Because their use of recognizable technologies and engines, Morgan vehicles lend themselves to our expert care where we can promptly and efficiently provide both scheduled maintenance and repair when needed.

Morgan owners in St. Louis and the rest of Missouri have relied on Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist for all of their unique vehicle needs due to our extreme dedication to unparalleled service.

What You Didn't Know About Morgan

  • The Morgan 4/4 is the longest-running production vehicle in the world, having been in the continuous productions since 1936

  • The first Morgan vehicle was a three-wheeler

  • Morgan Motor Co. is the last family-owned and independent

  • Morgan Moto Co. claimes each vehicle is crafted using three core elements: ash, aluminum, and leather in its quest to work in harmony with natural materials