It’s Important to Protect Your BMW This Winter


Here at Kudos Import and Performance, we want all of our Chesterfield clients to be able to properly protect their import vehicles from the damaging effects of road salt this winter season. In today’s post, we are going to specifically focus on protecting your BMW and the steps you need to take to ensure that damaging rust does not form on your vehicle. Rust prevention is important because it not only protects your vehicle from unnecessary damage but also ensures that your BMW is performing at its peak performance.


Preventing Road Salt Damage Should be a Priority


Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows that the winter season is full of little inconveniences. Warming up your vehicle before driving it, scraping ice off of your windshield, and ensuring that your wiper blades didn’t freeze to your windshield overnight are all things that people have just come to accept as part of their morning winter ritual. While these steps are minor inconveniences, one inconvenience is a little harder to deal with: road salt. Whether you’re a fan of it or not, road salt is used extensively to ensure that roadways are safe for travel for millions of motorists. While reducing the amount of ice on roadways is a net positive for society, the damage road salt can have on your BMW is not. Because your BMW’s undercarriage is completely exposed, road salt can quickly rust and deteriorate vital components of your vehicle. These vital components include your brake system, muffler, coil springs, exhaust system, and even the frame of your BMW. However, all is not lost. Follow the simple tips below to help ensure that your BMW avoids as much damage as possible from corrosive road salt.



  • Pretreat Your BMW: The first step you can take to ensure that your BMW’s undercarriage does not become a breeding ground for rust is to get it pre-treated. This process involves coating the underside of your BMW with a special chemical that mitigates rust formation caused by moisture and road salt by making it difficult for the road salt to stick to your vehicle.
  • Avoid Those Puddles: Although most drivers attempt to avoid puddles because they can conceal potholes it becomes especially important during the winter. Puddles formed from recently icy roadways are inundated with road salt, which means that if you hit a puddle you are dousing the undercarriage of your car with a huge amount of corrosive material. While we know you won’t be able to avoid every puddle on the road, you will be doing your BMW a favor by trying to limit the amount of them that you hit on a daily basis.
  • Wash Your Car: Although we here at Kudos Import and Performance always suggest that our customers keep their import vehicles clean, it becomes especially important during the winter season. Washing your BMW regularly during the winter will help reduce the amount of salt that builds up on the surface and undercarriage of your vehicle. The less salt build up, the less chance of damage to the surfaces of your vehicle.
  • Get an Inspection: Before the winter season bares down on the Chesterfield area, have your BMW inspected by the experts here at Kudos Import and Performance. A pre-winter checkup will identify any areas that could be more prone to wear and tear from the harsh conditions that your BMW will face.

Contact us today at Kudos Import and Performance and let us help you protect your BMW from the road salt you will encounter this winter. Our expert mechanics are well versed in handling import vehicles and have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to ensure that your BMW will get through the winter season as unscathed as possible.

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