One of the things that we tend to avoid when we own a car is tire rotation. When you bring your car in for an oil change, usually one of the first questions that we ask is “Would you like to get your tires rotated as well?” The reply is usually “I will get it next time”. When “next time” ends up becoming the normal thing to say, then your tires will never get rotated which can lead to more issues down the line.

The thing is that tire rotations should be done almost every time an oil change is completed, but because it isn’t something that could ruin your engine, it often goes undone. This can sometimes lead to pretty severe issues down the line outside of ruining your tires long before the expiration date would be reached. This is why, we, your local import auto repair in St. Charles is here to convince you why you should start getting your tire rotated far more often than you already do.

Simple Wear And Tear Can Be Avoided

When a tire’s tread begins to slowly flatten out, many people tend to chalk this up to it being the natural life of the tire, but the truth is that many tires get switched out long before the full life of the tire could have been reached. When you are getting your tires rotated, it is a simple thing for our mechanics to do and the average cost of this maintenance is far cheaper than a completely new set of tires.

By taking the burden of the initial cost of the tire rotation you are not only allowing yourself to have less wear on your tires, but you are probably keeping the warranty on your tires maintained. When you get new tires, you oftentimes will have a warranty from the tire company itself or the place that sold them to you. If you keep up with that maintenance then you can usually replace your tires if anything were to happen like an air leak or a pop. As soon as they notice the uneven tread, you will be having to pay for a new one out of pocket and not taking advantage of the free new tire.

Why Do Tires Need To Be Rotated Though?

Even cars that are perfectly balanced all-wheel drive machines can run into issues with uneven wear. This is due to the fact that no matter what, either the back or the front of the vehicle are exerting more force on the tires. More often than not, the front will be taking the brunt of this force due to the engine block being directly over it. Also, on most vehicles, your turning comes from the front wheels causing them to have a bit more wear from the added movement. 

The way that your tires will typically be rotated will be from moving the front two tires to the back and crossing the ones from the back upfront so that the wear remains even throughout the tire’s life cycle. This will not only ensure that you have even wear but also that the way your vehicle handles turning remains consistent and even no matter what. 

How Often Should You Rotate The Tires?

This question actually depends completely on the manufacturer of your car and not on what your mechanic would recommend. Make sure you check your owner’s manual to properly know how often you should get the tires rotated. The owner’s manual knows the exact weight and property of the vehicle that you are driving and after many strenuous tests will be able to tell you when you should rotate to ensure that you know exactly when and why your vehicle needs the maintenance that it does. 

Usually, it will be recommended that your vehicle gets a tire rotation every 10,000 miles. If you can’t find this information in your owner’s manual then a good rule to keep in mind is to rotate them at least as often as you get your oil changed. This will allow you to just have a plan in mind and not have to worry about bringing your car in for maintenance two separate times. 

Would It Be Possible To Do It Yourself?

The short answer is no. Unless you have a lift in your own garage you could be causing more harm than good when it comes to rotation of your tires. First off, jacks of all kinds can be dangerous to use, they do well in a pinch like having to put a spare on if your tire has been damaged, but any prolonged use could lead to damage of your vehicle or an accident involving the vehicle falling off and hurting you. Second, a tire that is installed improperly can cause suspension damage, wheel damage, or even worse wear on your tire. Even if one nut is slightly looser than the others on a tire it could cause severe damage to your vehicle. Third, but not least, your tires sometimes need to be rotated differently based on the wear that is occurring and the vehicle that is being driven. Even though many tire rotations are down in the way that we discussed earlier, it isn’t a rule for all vehicles. 

Allowing your local import auto repair in St.Charles to rotate your tires for you can save you a lot of headaches in the future that could cost far more than a tire rotation does. Save yourself time and money by doing this through us and not by doing it yourself unless you have the proper tools to do so.

How To Make Tire Rotation A Part Of Your Routine

We understand that the extra cost can sometimes turn people off of getting the proper maintenance done at the time that it should. Changing your mindset in regards to the rotation can often help you come to terms with the extra cost that is being done. What we recommend is to say to yourself that you are scheduling routine maintenance and not simply an oil change. When you do this you will already be going in with the mindset that tire rotation is simply a part of the maintenance and not something that is being added on. The added cost will just simply be apart of the oil change and not an extra cost that you could avoid. Changing your mindset about it is half the battle which is why it is good to set yourself up for that before and not during.

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