We know why you love your luxury vehicle. It’s bold, it’s strong, and it’s fast. The only feeling better than cruising over the smooth pavement is the confidence in your vehicle’s ability to stop when it needs to. While we can talk about how amazing it feels to speed down an open road, we can’t forget how important stopping is when we finally approach that traffic light.

How do you know if your brakes are working properly? Pay attention to the way your brakes feel when you slow to a halt. Are they sticking? Jerking? Check for the following signs of brake trouble:

  • Sinking pedals – If you feel your brake pedal approaching the floor before you feel your vehicle beginning to slow, you may have a leak in the braking system. This can either be an air leak from the brake hose or a brake fluid leak.
  • Pulling to one side – When you brake, do you feel your vehicle being tugged to one side? This can indicate that your brake linings are wearing down at different speeds or that there is something in your brake fluid that should not be there.
  • Metal grinding – If you hear a grinding sound, the pads on your brakes have most likely been worn down completely.
  • Vibrating – A vibrating pedal can mean the rotors are warped. It may feel like a panic stop, even if you are slowing carefully.

Brake troubles can feel scary, especially when you are treating yourself to a drive in your imported automobile. For all of your import auto repair needs, be sure to come to the experts at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist in St. Charles. Your satisfaction is our mission, and we can’t wait to get you back on that open road.