import auto repair st. charles

In respect to all import autos and European cars, knowing when to make additions, upgrades or even simple changes such as switching tires, can be frustrating.  At Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist the Top Rated Local® Import Auto Repair in St. Charles, we understand the frustration and would like to take the time to give some insight on import auto repair or more importantly, When is it time to change my tires?  Whether you have an Audi, Porsche, BMW or even a Bentley, safety on the roads is of the utmost importance.

Here are some tips the experts who have years of import auto repair experience recommend in regards to tire pressure:

  • The old fashioned penny trick. Place the penny into the tread.  If you see good ol’ Abe Lincolns head, you may need to update the tires
  • How long has it been?  Over a decade?  It may be time to replace your tires.
  • Has it been sunny or have you taken a trip to a higher ultraviolet climate? These lead to higher structural damage to your tires too!
  • Have you felt slipping or the inability to gain any traction when you slam on the brakes?  Time to change your tires

If you are experiencing any direct tire issues or any foreign car performance issues, please call the professionals at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist today.  We work on all makes and models!