Maintenance for your Mercedes

Winter is almost upon us, and at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist in St. Charles we want you to be prepared. Winter requires special maintenance of your vehicle, and presents a whole set of challenges that are not present in warmer seasons. While we service a myriad of luxury import vehicles, today we are going to focus on some tips to keep your Mercedes in optimal condition all winter long.

Your Mercedes actually loves the winter

Mercedes, as you most likely know, is a German based company. The headquarters of Mercedes is located in Stuttgart, Germany which is on nearly the same latitudinal level as Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.  You may be wondering why we are giving you this lesson in geography, but we promise there is a point. Mercedes are designed to operate in cold environments. Germany is home to some impressive mountains, and as a result experiences a notable amount of snowfall each year. If Mercedes are designed to handle the mountains of Europe, you can bet they will stand up to the winters in America. However, even with engineering on your side, it is important to take some time to prepare you Mercedes for the winter months. Below, we have listed a couple of tips to help your Mercedes cope with the cold.

  • Replace Your Oil: While this maintenance tip is pounded into the ground, it’s for good reason. Oil is perhaps the most important fluid in your vehicle, and in the winter it is literally the blood that will pump the heart of your car. If your vehicle’s oil is old there is a good chance that it will be thicker than it should. This is especially problematic during the winter, because the cold already affects the viscosity of the oil. Thicker oil equals increased strain on your engine’s moving parts, and can lead to expensive damage to one of the most vital components of your vehicle. To avoid this issue, replace your oil before the temperature drops, and consider using an oil that is a lighter gauge than what you would normally use for your Mercedes during the summer.
  • Antifreeze is Your Friend: While it is perfectly acceptable to use water in your radiator instead of antifreeze in the summer, it is not recommended for the winter. Water, as we all know, freezes at 32℉ and, if left to freeze in a radiator, will render your car inoperable. If your radiator is full of ice, your engine will not start, leaving you stranded. To avoid this scenario, we recommend that you have your radiator drained, and fresh antifreeze added. Even if you currently have antifreeze in your radiator, it is important to replace it completely before the start of winter. Over time, antifreeze loses its effectiveness, and if you start winter off with nine month old antifreeze, you’re going to have a bad time.

By following these two preparation tips, you will lay a solid foundation for winterizing your Mercedes. Remember, your Mercedes wants to perform well in the cold, it just needs a little help from you to make sure it is ready. Contact us today at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, and let our team of experts make sure that you and your vehicle are ready to handle anything that winter throws at you.