As a European auto import owner, you know that the engine is what makes your vehicle what it is: a dominating, strong machine. It is crucial that your engine works to its fullest abilities.

If you treat your European import like a prized possession and rarely drive it, you may want to consider getting your engine flushed. You may have heard experts say most cars do not need their engine flushed, and that’s true—if  they are driven every day. If your beauty is sitting in the garage through those harsh St. Charles winters, you could have a build up of particles in your engine.

What is an engine flush?

An engine flush is a way for us to clean away any buildup left behind in your engine and get it running more smoothly. During an engine flush, we pour chemicals into the engine and let it sit for a few moments to ensure the fluid cleans every spot the oil would typically reach. Then, we drain these fluids and perform an oil change.

Who needs an engine flush?

To be perfectly honest, not many cars do. However, if you are taking your car for short trips with frequent starts and stops, your car may be a good candidate for an engine flush. These little stop-and-go drives can cause particles in the oil to sit in the engine, cause buildup, and prevent oil from flowing where it needs to go. A flush can open these passages to help save your engine from unnecessary damage.

What are the perks of an engine flush?

Removing these particles from your engine can clean away anything that may be slowing down your engine—meaning it will run faster and smoother, much like it did when you first brought your imported auto home. It can also help your fuel efficiency. We think that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Is there a downside to an engine flush?

As good as this all sounds, there can be a downside. Know how old your car is before you choose an engine flush. If your import is old and well-used, an engine flush might clean the parts of your engine a little too well. The particles that build up from the oil on your piston rings and valves are not always a bad thing in older cars; they can actually help act as a seal for cracks and older damage done to the engine. If you clean out the seals, you may notice more damage in your engine than you did before. However, this should not be a concern if you have a newer vehicle.

If I bought a used import vehicle, should I get an engine flush?

It is certainly worth considering! It can be hard to tell if the previous owner took good care of the vehicle as you undoubtedly will, so an engine flush can be beneficial. If you do choose to get an engine flush, you can trust that any new oil you add will work efficiently and stay clean longer than if you skipped the flush.

For an engine flush and any other maintenance, be sure to see the experts at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist. We specialize in imported vehicles and are proud to serve St. Charles’ imported auto owners.