Subarus have become the go-to car for many people who truly care about safety crash ratings and cars that have AWD inside a great package. The brand’s reliability causes it to be one of the better cars in all of its classes ranging from sport to SUV. Even though it is recognized as being a great car, they still have their issues and as a Japanese car brand, they aren’t always the easiest fix. These are some of the common issues that can occur with Subarus.

Head Gaskets

This issue was remedied in 2011 with a full redesign of the housing that the head gasket sits in, but before this, it was a huge issue that most Subarus on the road faced around the 80k mile mark. The head gaskets would begin to crack and weep fluid that would slowly cause issues in everything else around it if it wasn’t caught and fixed quickly. This was mostly because Subaru is one of the few companies that use the boxer engine. This type of engine lays flat as opposed to upright. It allows for the engine to be much more efficient but the way that the engine sits will not allow for it to drain fluids as efficiently. They are still using the boxer engine, but a redesign in 2012 improved the head gaskets issues.

The biggest way to catch this is to watch for white exhaust coming from the tailpipe. If this is happening then you will know that it is an issue with the head gasket and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. A repair of the head gasket issue can cost up to $1000 and if it isn’t fixed it can lead to a lot more expensive issues.

Air Conditioning O-ring

Picture this, you get in your car on a hot and humid day. You turn on the air conditioning to cool down your car as soon as possible, but there is only hot air coming out. This is not simply because it is scalding out, it is actually an issue with the air conditioning O-ring. This is something that won’t affect the way that your car runs, but it will affect how much fun you have driving it. It is highly recommended that you contact your import auto repair in St. Charles before to help fix this issue before it ruins how much you enjoy driving your Subaru.

Front Suspension Issues

As you keep driving your Subaru you may notice your front suspension acting out of the ordinary. This is typically an issue with the rubber components that help the suspension move up and down to absorb bumps. The rubber parts that Subarus use are great at first but they also wear down extremely quickly. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that the average consumer or even a gearhead would notice right away, so when you take your import car in for routine maintenance make sure to have the mechanic look at your front suspension to ensure everything is working the way that it should.

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