You just bought your new, gorgeous European import automobile–and wow, it is stunning. We know exactly what your arms and legs are itching to do: take your new ride out on the road, push the pedal to the metal, and see what it can do! Before you take your new baby for a spin, make sure you know how to be kind to the engine. Yes, your new import is capable of amazing speed and agility, but knowing how to treat the engine will save you money in repairs for the future.

Break it in

Your car’s first 1,000 miles are considered its break-in period. You will want to keep your throttle in a lower RPM range. Make sure not to stick to only one speed, though! Explore everything your car can do. Your car’s manual will have the best guidelines for beginning speeds, but experts recommend not going any faster than 75 miles per hour for your first 700 miles. New engines have just been put together, so not all of the parts are quite used to running together yet. Piston rings will alter their shape slightly to fit your engine cylinders, but it takes time and careful driving. It may not sound like much fun, but being gentle at the beginning of your car’s life can help the engine last thousands of miles longer than you might expect.

Let your car heat up

When it’s cold outside, your car takes just a little bit longer to start. This is because the battery charge drops, the oil is cold, and gasoline gets much more difficult to burn when it’s cold outside. However, leaving your car on and letting it sit isn’t going to do your imported vehicle much good. Since the engine does not have to work hard to just sit there, it does not warm up very quickly at all. This can cause your tailpipe to emit pollutants that your catalytic converter cannot handle. We recommend turning your car on, waiting for about a minute, and driving it carefully until it warms up.

To learn more about treating your engine well, check out part two of this series! As always, come to Kudos Luxury Import for all of your import auto maintenance needs.