Volvo reigns as one of the more distinguished import autos that you can purchase. From the classic angular models of the 80s and 90s to the sleek, European-style models of today, they remain beautiful, high-performance vehicles. Paired with the company’s list of awards and tons of happy customers, it’s a brand that no educated car connoisseur could look down on. That being said, all vehicles wear down and require auto maintenance. So, when your car starts making some strange sounds of performing off-balance, it’s important to have access to a wealth of knowledge about the common Volvo repairs you might need to invest in.

Potential Auto Repair #1:

Weak motor mounts have been a potential issue for quite a few of Volvo’s models. You’ll be able to recognize this problem when you hear the vehicle is rough idling, but with an absence of misfires. On occasion, this same issue will sound like a clunk when the car is shifted into first gear. The areas of concern could be any of the engine mounts, either the top of the engine or the lower mounts, in most cases, however, it is the engine mount on top of the engine that often causes this issue.

Potential Auto Repair #2:

You’ll see this issue in quite a few older vehicles as the computers are prone to weakening with time. At times, you may see a persistent SRS failure indicator on your dashboard. This is a critical safety system and is therefore very important to have checked, but can be just a computer malfunction. Get it checked either way, as it could be a sign of something serious.

Potential Auto Repair #3:

Perhaps the most frustrating malfunction is a check engine light hovering on your dashboard. While this can be a sign of engine issues, it can just as easily be something to do with your camshaft position sensor. This is most common in VVT units which control the maintained position of the cam while the car is accelerating. It’s prone to failure like the check engine light is prone to being on for no reason.

Potential Auto Repair #4:

Loose steering can be an extremely dangerous issue and should be resolved as soon as you spot signs of it. This issue is occasionally misdiagnosed as loosened tie-rod ends but it’s generally the replacement of the lower column connector that you need. This is a prevalent issue in many Volvo vehicles as their connection between the steering rack and column is known for sustaining excessive wear. If it feels loose at any point, have it addressed quickly.

Potential Auto Repair #5:

Few things are as inconvenient as a dead AC unit in your vehicle. While there are myriad reasons an AC unit might not be cooling efficiently and effectively enough,  on Volvos it might be one more common repair issue than another. On quite a few Volvo models, the AC compressor is created with a clutch system that functions like an electro-mechanical system. This little mechanism powering your AC is prone to failures and is often misdiagnosed as the whole compressor being at fault. Try replacing the clutch first—it’s probably the main issue, and it’s a much cheaper solution.

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