There’s no point attempting to refute it, BMW’s are incredible machines. Those landmark components that they’re valued for, such as those fiery little engines and rear-wheel drive is just a portion of why they have such a large fanbase. That being said, there are many BMW fanatics that need to buy their vehicles used because of the general price point that this high-quality auto starts at. Unfortunately, when you purchase anything used, you’re taking a chance, which could result in the needing BMW maintenance. When pursuing a used car, it’s important to be familiar with the common issues, so you can find the proper import auto repair garage to check in on the model you may choose from time to time and to keep it running smoothly. Though, there are other issues you should consider before buying your used BMW.

The Price of Ownership

If you’ve ever owned a car, or anything that needs occasional maintenance, you’re familiar with the price of ownership. Repairs, insurance costs, and general maintenance are all expenses that you’ll have to shoulder throughout your ownership of your new BMW. However, it might ring in at a little more than your average Kia, Spectra. Your new BMW will require expensive replacement parts from time to time, as well as premium gasoline, high-end tires, synthetic oil, and higher repair costs because it requires a specialized skill set to work on import auto repair. Despite all of this, we’re still of the mindset that these superior vehicles are worth the little extra cost per year.

Depreciation (Even With Good BMW Maintenance)

If you’re planning on purchasing your car, and holding out until it becomes a classic, you might have some luck battling the depreciation, if you’re not feeling like maintaining a twelve-year-old lawn ornament. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with quite a bit of depreciation throughout the years. You’ll see significant price drops for some time. Blue Book suggests that a three-year-old 3 series is worth around $30,000, but add 3 more years to that lifespan, and you’re looking at a worth closer to $17,000. Since these cars drop in value exponentially in the beginning and then begin to level out and if you’re looking to purchase used, you might opt for a model that’s past that 6-year mark because the depreciation the model will be costing you, at that point, is considerably less.

BMW Maintenance and Repair Frequency

The BMW brand is known for being built-well and to have certain longevity that is very desirable on top of the other components that  draw most consumers to them. However, a used BMW will need repairs on a fairly regular basis. You’ll find that while BMW and European auto brands are super high-quality vehicles, they tend to use their fair share of plastic rather than more durable materials. The other repair danger is the complicated electronics that most auto imports have. If your model is a turbocharged, you’ll have to watch out as they’re more prone to frequent repairs than their counterparts.

Used Import BMW Models: BMW 3-Series (E46)

When you picture a BMW in your mind, you probably picture a 3 series. It’s the most popular model because it offers the German auto manufacturer precision and beauty that you’re expecting. With excellent handling, superior performance, and exquisite interiors the E46 from ‘99 to ‘05 are the go-to for the import BMW. You can find these models as a sedan, wagon, coupe or convertible and you can choose between rear-wheel or all-wheel drive depending on your preference. The model you’ll likely find nowadays will be the rear-wheel drive with an in-line 6, automatic transmission compiled in a 4-door sedan. The EPA estimates that a ‘03 with the automatic transmission will get around 18/26 MPG on that premium gasoline that this premium vehicle runs on. However, the Consumer Report claims that this variety of 3 series rings in at a below average reliability rating. The main concern for this model’s owners should be the engine. The problems arise with the cooling system and minor engine issues. As with all European import autos, the electrical problems reign as the supreme issue. The cooling system and engine are, in this sense, rather closely connected as the E46 is known for getting an overheated engine if the cooling system starts to falter. This often results in pretty expensive repairs.

Common BMW Repairs and Services

It’s important when searching for a new BMW or a used BMW that you have an import auto repair shop that you can trust. Especially a shop that specializes in BMWs because German automakers often include complex systems and familiarization with these specific systems will ensure that your car is receiving the highest quality maintenance that will help you avoid repairs in the future. It would be advised that you give Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist a call so that we can set up an appointment before you buy your used BMW and ensure that all of the BMW maintenance standards have been adhered to and that you’ve found a trustworthy model. Contact us to pursue a specialized and affordable BMW maintenance in Chesterfield.