As a European auto repair shop, we always get excited when new foreign cars are on the market. Even though it’s been 25 years since these newly imported cars surfaced on the foreign market, it’s no surprise that these are still managing to excite the classic car collectors in the U.S.

The Toyota MR2 SW20

While this did originally reach the states in the form of the MR2, it was super hard to come by a clean model before the red tape disappeared. Now that it’s free range for these cars to return to our shores, it’s become one of the more practical foreign cars to purchase. Since their counterparts were so heavily sold on this side of the water, finding parts isn’t as big of a hassle as it could’ve been at one point. Since foreign car repair is never easy, buying this specific model used will render your potential import auto maintenance worries into non-issues. Fortunately, both of the models, the GT-S and GT, were equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that put out around 218 hp. When the North American models came out they were only capable of 200 hp.

1989 S130 Toyota Crown

Many relate this “Crown” to the well-known Crown Vic, but for the Japanese. These cars were super versatile when they were first minted as they were used as taxis, cop cars, and diplomatic vehicles. They’ve lasted a long time and can still be found driving around Tokyo even at the ripe-old-age of 20. They’ve been built to stand the test of time in their body as well as under the hood as they are as strong as a tank. Under the hood, the engines can vary from model to model. You can find 2.0 liters inline sizes, and you can locate a 3.0-liter inline sixes with some in between. Some are even available in diesel. The box-like body style is sure to hit a note of nostalgia in people and the potential power within these chic cars will call quite a few of the lots searching for them.

Mazda RX-7 FC

These cars are little hot-rod classics. Featuring the characteristic sleek body of a Mazda with the angular hints of the 80s as an influence, it’s the favorite of a lot of folks. Across seas, these were once fairly cheap, but now they’re growing more scarce, and therefore more expensive. If your purchase the FC model from Japan, it’s going to be shockingly tiny, so much so that if you’re 6 foot you should think again before dishing out the cash. If you’re still interested in one, however, you should look specifically for a turbo that will be in far better condition than the North American versions. This little racer is loaded with a 2.4 Wankel rotary engine that is pretty spectacular as long as you’re ok with high revs and potential oil leaks. Like most of Mazdas work, this is a well-balanced, elegant sports car with RWD. Since it’s engine is mounted aft of the front axle, it provides a dreamy and playful cornering ability even if you’re only going 20 mph.

Need Foreign Car Repair?

Chances are if you admire these previously mentioned little beasts, then you either already have a foreign car, or you’re in the process of acquiring one. Which means you’ll be in need of foreign car maintenance in the St. Charles area. If you’re looking for quality work and quality service then come to Kudos Luxury Import Auto Repair where both are in high supply.