Import automobiles are beautiful, precision vehicles that have the power to make just about everyone drool. Even clunky truck drivers who think that they prefer their F-150 will stop and gander at the products of BMW and Audi. The vehicles are, simply put, superior. That means you’ll have to be faithful to your maintenance schedule to ensure that your precision vehicle has an easy time turning into the classic car it was always meant to be. That being said, if you’re considering investing in a new BMW 5 series with the intent of holding onto the vehicle for a long period of time, it’s good to go in with your eyes open. As your resident honest import auto shop in Chesterfield, we’re dedicated to ensuring fellow import auto connoisseurs know what they’re signing up for with certain models and vehicles alike.

The BMW 5 Series

In 1972, the 5 Series made its debut and it was breathtaking. Since that day it’s been a resident of the competitive high-end import auto market and the local market. The quality and style of the vehicle are proven every year it tops sales again and maintains the same spot on the high-end lists as it has for the past 40 years. Since it is such a premium auto, it’ll be hard not to try and push it to its limits once you purchase it.Navigating what the maintenance and common problems will be with the car can seem intimidating at first, but believe us when we say it’s totally worth it.

The Fuel Pump Issue

Unfortunately, the 5 Series has a notorious issue with the fuel pump. In fact, in 2016, BMW was forced to begin a recall of several of their vehicles due to the same fuel pump issue. If you missed the hubbub, you’ll probably want to come in and get the fuel pump checked immediately. The engine will stall once the fuel pump stops working without warning, which can be a really dangerous scenario especially if you’re having a great time barreling down the highway at your 5 Series’ top speeds. If you’re concerned about your fuel pump, just take it into Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist in Chesterfield. We’ll check in on its state and go from there.

Finding The Right Service Center

Once folks purchase an import luxury auto, they often don’t realize that they’ll need to find a shop that has the certifications and knowledge to work on their vehicle. Parts and services can run a little high for precision auto, so it’s no shock that buyers are often hesitant to approach a shop as they’re worried about receiving overpriced services. There’s quite a bit of dishonesty among the auto industry, so side-step unneeded work and overpriced parts by going to Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist instead. Don’t worry about dealership prices and feel secure in the fact that we care as much about your import auto as you do.

Contact Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist

Reach out to Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist when you’re ready to get your next oil check or just need a check-up for your 5 Series. We’re passionate about luxury import auto and a happy driver makes us happy. We service BMWs, Mini Coopers, Audis and so much more. Interested in what else to watch out for with your 5 Series? Watch our for our part 2.