If you love import automobiles, you obviously love sleek, sultry BMWs. They’re not like any other car. In fact, you could make the assertion that all import autos have something different to offer. Whether it’s the combination of bubble confidence mixed with chic style that you can find in a Porsche, the angular, sharp personality of an Audi or the distinguished yet versatile persona of BMW, each one offers the buyer something different. Unfortunately, their differences from each other, mainly among American-made vehicles, is that they all have different problems. Shopping for an import auto is much like shopping for a credit card — you’re just determining what problems you’re ready for if they hit you at all. That’s where your resident Chesterfield import auto repair specialists come in. We’re here to tell what you’re looking at when you signed up for the distinctive BMW driving experience.

VANOS Racket

Americans refer to this part as the “variable valve timing system,” but BMW dubbed theirs the variable nockenwellen steuerung. Many times, in BMW models this part is known to cause quite the racket and many owners worry that it’s the engine rattling. Some folks have even gone so far as to describe it as the sound of marbles rolling around in a tin can. The VANOS is a crucial part of your BMW’s functionality as it determines the position of the camshafts and shifts them around according to the engine’s needs, and that’s the sound that’s clanging around under your hood. Once the piece reaches a certain amount of wear and tear, it’s bound to make that sound. It’ll only get worse as time wears on. We recommend bringing it into Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist once you’ve had enough of the sound. It’s not impairing the functionality yet, but everything in a car if it’s neglected long enough will certainly take its toll on the longevity of the vehicle. Get it taken care of with us, rather than waiting for something worse to happen.

Transmission Problems

The most dangerous potential issue that could crop up in BMW models across the board is transmission issues. The transmission issues range from getting stuck in one gear to slipping and shifting too hard. You might even see erratic shifting and bumping in a couple of different gears. If this problem isn’t resolved quickly it can lead to safety problems and more expenses down the road additionally. The best way to tell that your issue is all to do with the transmission is you’ll feel a sudden jerk when shifting. It’s the best tell-tale sign. Otherwise, your troubleshooting issues will be a bit more difficult. If this happens, we’d try and caution you against going back to the dealer. Often times, rather than diagnosing the actual issue the service department at dealerships will only reprogram the cars computer which will put off the issue for some time, but that’s a famously unreliable way to fix the issue permanently.

Invest in Import Auto Repair in Chesterfield You Can Trust

Don’t fool around with people who don’t know what they’re doing and aim to charge you more than you need to pay. Instead, contact us! Our import auto repair services are famously reliable. We can provide comprehensive care and repair for your import auto that will make the difference in how it runs and how well you can enjoy your high-performance vehicle. Reach out to us with inquiries about your model, the issues you’re currently having and make an appointment for a diagnosis. We’re happy to change the oil or make more important repairs because we’re passionate about keeping you in the driver seat of a car you love.