You know when you bring your car into the shop, and they tell you that there’s something wrong with your brakes? Most people roll their eyes and simply assume that brakes should probably last forever. But if you’re an import automobile owner, you’re the proud owner of a precision machine that likely accelerates and often needs to decelerate promptly. So, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that import auto brake maintenance is one of the most important check-ups your car needs. 

At Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we’re passionate about people’s love for their car. We know that you didn’t grow up with a poster of the vehicle you now own on your wall just to have your car break down on you while you’re trying to enjoy it. You’ve finally made it, that dream car is yours, and the seat fits your butt perfectly. Now, let’s make sure she’s in-service and doing right by you for the long run with the proper maintenance schedule to keep her singing down the road with you in the utmost comfort. 

So, just why are your brakes so important to keep up-to-date on your car? Let’s take a look. 

The components that work to make your brakes capable of working with precision and help you bring your car to a stop with buttery smooth response are amazing in their own right. The disc brakes that are made up of a variety of components that come together to keep you safe in your fast moving, quick-draw little vehicle are an amazing machine. It works by reacting to your foot pressing on the brake. When your foot presses the brake pedal, it moves a lever that displaces a fluid that won’t allow for compression. This causes the “calipers” or mechanical pinchers to squeeze your rotor on your wheel and stop the motion of the car using friction and heat. The brake pads act as a buffer between the rotor and the caliper and absorb the friction heat, instead of putting that stress on the direct working components of the brake. 

Braking For Operating Efficiency

As you likely learned with your first car, how you drive it truly does affect the overall performance and longevity of a vehicle. Recently, there’s been talk of multiple different purposeful driving styles with the name “eco-driving” coming into view. The term “eco-driving” actually refers to how well you use your car’s energy at any one point while you’re driving. Coincidentally, your brakes play a large role in eco-driving methods and the overall operating efficiency of your vehicle. For example, if you’re pretty heavy on how you use your brake pedal, you can drastically decrease the life-span of your equipment. With a heavier foot you’ll end up putting more heat and stress on your brake pads and rotors, which will cause them to wear down much quicker. Oftentimes, when you’re braking you won’t be using it multiple times on heavy braking situations, but if you’re using heavy breaking too often, the heat from the last braking action won’t have dissipated, and it’ll double the heat and stress put on those components. That sort of activity can actually start to warp your rotors permanently, which, obviously, won’t keep your car performing at the high-level you expect from an import automobile. 

Redundant Braking Systems Means More Stress

Larger vehicles, which are admittedly less popular among import automobile brands take a much harder approach to braking. In fact, if the vehicle is overly large or is equipped with towing capabilities, it’ll have a certain amount of nearly redundant braking equipment that it will use and, in-turn, require maintenance on. One of the most common safety hazards in larger vehicles is to assume that just because one of these braking systems is broken, if the other is fine the car is still operational. Keep in mind that most vehicles are put on the lot with their factory recommended specifications intact, and those factory recommendations come with specific limitations and tolerances. If you’re only using half of your braking equipment, then you’re only using half of the factory-recommended setting, which decreases the overall tolerance of all the components at play. You’ll be putting far too much force on a single braking system and, as with any vehicle, over-use without the appropriate maintenance will lead to failure on the component’s part at some point. It’s best not to be caught unawares by a bad braking system, but it’s especially crucial to not be caught unawares by incapable braking mechanisms when you’re trying to tow something with your imported SUV. 

Pay Attention To Driver Feel

It’s almost certainly easier to just set-up a regular maintenance schedule and to follow that rather than trying to guess at the state of your vehicle. But, in lieu of that, the next best way to keep your brake system in good health is to rely on the driving feel behind the wheel. If you notice vibrations or that it suddenly takes much more force to bring the vehicle to a stop, those are all good indications of potential brake issues. Your brake pads will be the first component to stop working in your brake system, so it’s likely that you’ll only have to replace those if you catch the issue quite quickly. Brake pads are actually made to make it noticeable to the driver when they’re failing, and you’ll hear the tell-tale screeching sound when you pull to a stop. 

Establishing Good Maintenance Intervals

Actually, we’d recommend just coming in and scheduling recurring maintenance appointments with Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist. It’s easier to just put your next suggested maintenance date, that we base on the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific make and model, than it is to try and rely on guess-work or an app on your phone. We’ll include an import auto brake maintenance service as well as many other check-ups and tweaks to keep your car running at the peak of its possible performance for as long as possible. After all, you didn’t invest in an import auto because you wanted a vehicle that would run on a mediocre level. You wanted a car that felt responsive, lasted a longer amount of time, and was of a higher quality than the average standard fare for a vehicle. So, give your vehicle what it needs to stay like that: regular import auto maintenance. 

Schedule your appointment at our Chesterfield shop today, and become a customer for a local business that cares about the community as much as we care about how well your car runs for you. We look forward to getting to know you and your car soon.