In our previous blog post, Be Good to Your Engine Part 1, we discussed taking it easy on your brand new engine and being careful when using your vehicle in the cold weather. Today, we have some more tips and tricks to help prolong the life of your engine.

Beware of speeding

Yes, we know. That’s what your European import beauty was made for! However, driving too fast will burn through your gas quickly and overwork your engine. Speeding causes your engine to work overtime and forces the pistons to work faster than they should be. Make sure to keep a consistent speed while driving on interstates to help your engine stay ready to go.

Know how to shift your gears correctly

You have an imported, luxury vehicle, so the odds are high you’re driving manually. Make sure you are consistent when shifting to the correct gear. If your vehicle begins lugging, it can cause strain on the engine. This can seriously harm your cylinder heads, which is not a cheap fix! Also, be careful about engine braking often. In other words, try to avoid driving in a high gear and shifting to a lower gear without using your brakes. This can cause engine strain and can also put added pressure on your clutch and transmission parts.

The key to keeping your engine in good condition is treating your auto import with respect and care. No one treats your car better than the auto experts at Kudos Luxury Import. We have the knowledge and top-notch tools to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Call us today to learn more!