1. Common Mercedes Benz Repairs

    Your Mercedes will Run Into Issues How’s your Mercedes running? Have you noticed any issues that may not have been there when you first purchased the vehicle? Unfortunately, even though Mercedes are luxury import vehicles, they will experience mechanical issues just like other cars. At Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we want all of our Chesterfield area clients to be as knowledgeable as po…Read More

  2. Common Mercedes Benz Repairs Pt. 2

    Don’t Let Small Issues Turn Into Major Mercedes Repairs Welcome to part two of our blog series on common Mercedes repair issues and what you should do if you are experiencing them. As we stated in our previous post, Mercedes Benz, like every other vehicle made, will eventually need to have some repair work done. Because your Mercedes is a highly tuned machine, all of those moving parts can occas…Read More

  3. Common Mercedes Benz Repairs Pt. 3

    Keep Your Mercedes Happy With Regular Maintenance Checks Hello, and welcome to the final post in our blog series on common issues that affect Mercedes Benz. When writing these posts, we realized that it may sound like Mercedes experience a lot of issues. However, we want to stress that Mercedes experience mechanical issues at a rate that is similar to many other vehicles. Mercedes are engineered t…Read More