1. Common Things That Will Increase Your Vehicles Life

    No matter what car you drive, there are always some things that remain common to how you can prolong your car's life. Many of these things can often go undone simply because you may not have the money to constantly be doing upkeep on your vehicle. It is understandable why you would choose to skip out, but while you may be saving money at the moment, you probably aren’t saving money in the long r…Read More

  2. Why You Should Rotate Your Tires Every Time You Get An Oil Change

    One of the things that we tend to avoid when we own a car is tire rotation. When you bring your car in for an oil change, usually one of the first questions that we ask is “Would you like to get your tires rotated as well?” The reply is usually “I will get it next time”. When “next time” ends up becoming the normal thing to say, then your tires will never get rotated which can lead to …Read More

  3. Common Issues With Subarus

    Subarus have become the go-to car for many people who truly care about safety crash ratings and cars that have AWD inside a great package. The brand’s reliability causes it to be one of the better cars in all of its classes ranging from sport to SUV. Even though it is recognized as being a great car, they still have their issues and as a Japanese car brand, they aren’t always the easiest fix. …Read More

  4. Time To Replace My Import Auto’s Tires?

    In respect to all import autos and European cars, knowing when to make additions, upgrades or even simple changes such as switching tires, can be frustrating.  At Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist the Top Rated Local® Import Auto Repair in St. Charles, we understand the frustration and would like to take the time to give some insight on import auto repair or more importantly, When is it time …Read More

  5. How To Find A Great Import Auto Repair Mechanic

    Look for a Certified Mechanic to Ensure Quality Work One of the most pressing problems with getting your foreign car fixed is finding an import auto repair mechanic you can trust.  How do you know you are getting a fair price?  How do you know you will actually be receiving a quality repair that won't simply break down as you drive off?  At Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we specialize in…Read More

  6. 3 Great Tips on How To Save Gas When Driving

    Gas.  It fuels us.  We don't simply use gas for import autos, but for industrial, residential, commercial, electric power, and more. Therefore, when thinking about consumption, all auto owners need to focus on conserving, and using wisely.  As BMW Service repair experts in St. Charles, Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, understands that the weekly trips to the gas station can add up quickly,…Read More

  7. Warning: When to Check Your Brakes

    We know why you love your luxury vehicle. It’s bold, it’s strong, and it’s fast. The only feeling better than cruising over the smooth pavement is the confidence in your vehicle’s ability to stop when it needs to. While we can talk about how amazing it feels to speed down an open road, we can’t forget how important stopping is when we finally approach that traffic light. How do you know …Read More

  8. 6 Fluids to Keep Your Import Auto Running

    As an import auto owner, you know how important your car is to you. When your prized vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly as she should be, you know to get her checked out as soon as possible. However, what about the maintenance you need before your car starts acting strangely? Every car, whether it be a Porsche, a BMW, or a Rolls-Royce needs fluids to be able to glide down the road at full power and…Read More

  9. FAQs of Flushing Your Import’s Engine

    As a European auto import owner, you know that the engine is what makes your vehicle what it is: a dominating, strong machine. It is crucial that your engine works to its fullest abilities. If you treat your European import like a prized possession and rarely drive it, you may want to consider getting your engine flushed. You may have heard experts say most cars do not need their engine flushed, a…Read More

  10. Be Good to Your Engine – Part 1

    You just bought your new, gorgeous European import automobile--and wow, it is stunning. We know exactly what your arms and legs are itching to do: take your new ride out on the road, push the pedal to the metal, and see what it can do! Before you take your new baby for a spin, make sure you know how to be kind to the engine. Yes, your new import is capable of amazing speed and agility, but knowing…Read More