The trouble with bringing your import auto to a non-professional, or a mechanic who is more used to Fords or Chevys is that they aren’t really familiar with the type of engineering that foreign car makers use. They aren’t familiar with how precise foreign automobiles are and that’s why their repairs and maintenance probably won’t adhere to the guidelines they need to. The easiest way to make sure your car lasts a little longer, is to take care of it on the front end of it’s life.

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  1. Common BMW Maintenance

    There’s no point attempting to refute it, BMW’s are incredible machines. Those landmark components that they’re valued for, such as those fiery little engines and rear-wheel drive is just a portion of why they have such a large fanbase. That being said, there are many BMW fanatics that need to buy their vehicles used because of the general price point that this high-quality auto starts at. U…Read More

  2. Ordinary Volvo Repair Needs

    Volvo reigns as one of the more distinguished import autos that you can purchase. From the classic angular models of the 80s and 90s to the sleek, European-style models of today, they remain beautiful, high-performance vehicles. Paired with the company’s list of awards and tons of happy customers, it’s a brand that no educated car connoisseur could look down on. That being said, all vehicles w…Read More