You didn’t invest in a foreign car for it to break down in a hurry. You invested in a foreign car because you believe in how superior the models are. You believe that the leather feels different, that it’s creamier and smoother beneath your fingers. Better yet, you know that the steering is more responsive, the engine is livelier and so much more. And best of all, you know you deserve a better driving experience.

Make sure that better driving experience is always available by getting your import luxury vehicle the repairs and maintenance it needs. Invest in Kudos Luxury Import for better maintenance, better service and better materials and experts.

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  1. Import Auto Tune-Up News: Are 23-Inch Wheels Unnecessary?

    As an import auto repair shop from St. Louis, though we recently relocated to Chesterfield, we’re passionate about tuning up vehicles to be their very best. And, while tune-ups largely regard the engine and inner-working components of any vehicle, to a large extent the term “tune-up” could be used to refer to any sort of upgrade available including bigger or smaller wheels and if they’re r…Read More

  2. Why Is Keeping Your Import Auto’s Brakes In Good Shape So Important?

    You know when you bring your car into the shop, and they tell you that there’s something wrong with your brakes? Most people roll their eyes and simply assume that brakes should probably last forever. But if you’re an import automobile owner, you’re the proud owner of a precision machine that likely accelerates and often needs to decelerate promptly. So, it probably shouldn’t come as a sur…Read More

  3. Be Good to Your Engine Part 2

    In our previous blog post, Be Good to Your Engine Part 1, we discussed taking it easy on your brand new engine and being careful when using your vehicle in the cold weather. Today, we have some more tips and tricks to help prolong the life of your engine. Beware of speeding Yes, we know. That’s what your European import beauty was made for! However, driving too fast will burn through your gas qu…Read More