A BMW is more than a car. It’s a nod to the years of history the brand has endured. It’s a nod to all of the innovations the brand has given us and continues to give us. It’s a tribute to the best of import automobiles. Treat your BMW right. Take it to the best import auto maintenance shop in town. Take it to Kudos Luxury Import. We look forward to helping you get the absolute most our of your vehicle and preserving it for as long as possible. 

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  1. 3 Great Tips on How To Save Gas When Driving

    Gas.  It fuels us.  We don't simply use gas for import autos, but for industrial, residential, commercial, electric power, and more. Therefore, when thinking about consumption, all auto owners need to focus on conserving, and using wisely.  As BMW Service repair experts in St. Charles, Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, understands that the weekly trips to the gas station can add up quickly,…Read More

  2. What Does that Check Engine Light Mean?

    Understanding when the Annoyance Becomes an Emergency Ignoring a check engine light, brightly illuminated on your dashboard, is much like ignoring those love handles on your spouse: it may not be an issue now but it could grow into a much bigger problem later. It’s been the unfortunate experience of most car owners to be caught off-guard, from time to time, by an engine light that refuses to tur…Read More

  3. BMW and German Excellence

    Bayerische Motoren Werke--or BMW, as it has come to be known--is an example of German technology used for revolutionary purposes. The BMWs we see today are just as timeless as the ones created decades ago. You don’t need to be a BMW enthusiast to see that, but here are some things you may not know about BMW: BMW began as BFW, which was an airplane engine company. In fact, they would go on to set…Read More