St. Charles is populated with plenty of beautiful import automobiles. Seeing that sort of scenery, to us, is akin to taking a stroll down a neatly built European boulevard with stunning architecture. The more beautiful cars on the road in St. Charles, the more there is for all of us to visually enjoy. Don’t let the hum-drum sink into our town. Keep it unique by taking your import vehicle to the right maintenance shop. At Kudos Luxury Import, we pride ourselves on keeping your car on the road for as long as possible.

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  1. Import Auto Origins: The BMW – Part 2

    Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist is fully aware of the sheer quality and attention to detail packing into each and every BMW vehicle. We’re intimately familiar with how you feel about your car, and how powerful the admiration for your vehicle can be. This is why we offer full service to BMWs in the St. Charles area with the goal of maintaining that same level of precision and making your BMW…Read More

  2. Questions You Must Ask Your Auto Repair Specialist

    Avoid Spending too Much Time and Money by Doing Your Research First We've all been guilty at one time or other of making an important decision without taking the time to ensure the validity of our choice. Whether it was to save a buck or to shave an hour, our decision to forego research and go with our first option often ends up costing us more money and more time. Unfortunately, with the number o…Read More

  3. Helpful Performance Tips for Your German Automobile

    Extend the Life of Your Vehicle with Expert Auto Repair and Service So you’ve finally done it. You’ve rewarded yourself with that little Audi convertible that you've wanted for years. Now, because it’s not likely that you're experienced in comprehensive automotive service and repair, it is important to find a trusted Audi mechanic in order to keep your German-engineered automobile running i…Read More

  4. Preparing your Import Vehicle for St Charles’ Winter

    Keep Your Vehicle Running all winter long with Expert Auto Repair With the beginning of September looming it is, unfortunately, time to start readying for fall. As kids are heading back to school, it’s a great time to prepare your car for the cooler weather. By making sure that your vehicle is ready for the cold, you’ll be able to experience a winter free of unexpected breakdowns, avoiding be…Read More

  5. Overheating: A Car Owner’s Nightmare

    When Immediate Repair is Needed It is the shared experience of many people of helplessly watching as the temperature gauge on their dash continues to rise without effort or mercy. Ticking towards possible damage like a blown gasket or a cracked head, that needle almost always means impending trouble. At the point of panic, it is less important to know what's causing it then knowing what, if anyth…Read More

  6. Odd Noises? Simple Solutions

    Letting your Auto Repair Experts Determine their Source It's the rare driver that, when he hears odd noises coming from his engine compartment, doesn't furrow his brow in concern and worry. It's common for both daily drivers and true car enthusiasts to stop in wonder at what the screech, rumble or hiss means when first noted. But is it cause for panic? Where engine noise can indicate the presence …Read More

  7. Old Tires Can Be More Dangerous Then You Think

    Don’t Let Old Tires Ruin Your Day Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we want your Audi to perform as efficiently as possible. We offer a wide range of services that could benefit your Audi, and today we are going to talk about an issue that many people don’t really consider: tires. Sure, everyone knows that tires need to be replaced when they are…Read More