Understanding when the Annoyance Becomes an Emergency

Ignoring a check engine light, brightly illuminated on your dashboard, is much like ignoring those love handles on your spouse: it may not be an issue now but it could grow into a much bigger problem later.

It’s been the unfortunate experience of most car owners to be caught off-guard, from time to time, by an engine light that refuses to turn off. But what does it mean? A persistently lit engine light could signify a number of issues, ranging from the innocuous annoyance of a loose gas cap to the nightmare scenario of a blown head gasket. After checking the gas cap for yourself, if your check engine light continues to illuminate your dash, check with a professional auto repair technician. A check engine light that is suddenly blinking needs immediate attention. That flashing light means that possible damage is occurring. You should also be able to notice a difference in your vehicle’s performance. Try not to drive your vehicle and have a tow truck deliver your car to your trusted mechanic.

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