Bayerische Motoren Werke–or BMW, as it has come to be known–is an example of German technology used for revolutionary purposes. The BMWs we see today are just as timeless as the ones created decades ago.

You don’t need to be a BMW enthusiast to see that, but here are some things you may not know about BMW:

  • BMW began as BFW, which was an airplane engine company. In fact, they would go on to set world records for altitude and speed with their airplane engines.
  • BMW’s headquarters are shaped like a four-cylinder engine. Yes, your BMW likely has a six-cylinder engine, but four is where it all began. In the 1960’s, an Austrian architecture professor designed BMW’s headquarters to resemble the iconic four-cylinder engine.
  • BMW began making cars because of the Treaty of Versailles. After World War One, the treaty banned Germany from creating warplane engines and war crafts. Instead, they began to work on cars.
  • BMW parts are extremely versatile. Many of the parts of a BMW can fit with other BMW models. The rear suspension and brakes from one BMW added to the steering system of a BMW made ten years earlier can make a fully functional car.
  • Mercedes almost purchased BMW. In the late 1950’s, BMW almost went bankrupt due to the Cold War, but shareholders would not let Mercedes purchase the company. They encouraged small mechanics to buy back shares until a man named Quandt took control of the company.

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