Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist feels strongly about the bond between a driver and their car. We understand that there’s a sense of trust as well as a sense of unity that can not be replicated with a simple machine from ordinary manufacturers. A precision vehicle is an extension of yourself, and taking it to the shop is the same as taking yourself in for your yearly physical. It’s a requirement to make sure you both keep ticking, for as long as possible. As a dedicated import auto maintenance shop in Chesterfield, we feel it’s our duty to let you know about the potential hiccups you might have with your precision auto as the years unfold before you. Walking into a purchase like that with your eyes open is key to keeping that bond between man and machine strong and fluid. In our previous blog, we discussed a couple of the problems the average BMW 5 Series might come across in its lifetime. We’ll continue our exploration of trials and errors with this high-efficiency vehicle in this continuation of our series revolving around the common repair needs of popular import automobiles.

High Cost Of Maintenance

In our previous blog, we discussed how troublesome it can be to get run through the ringer when your BMW needs only an oil change. Dealership auto shops for import autos tend to charge more than necessary and it can take quite a bit of price shopping to find a great shop that won’t overcharge you or perform work that doesn’t need to be done. That can take up time that you don’t have. That, in combination with the strange tariffs and import taxes that the government is putting on German automakers, you might be looking at higher priced parts with much more scarcity coming up. However, if you’ve always been religious about your maintenance on your import auto, you shouldn’t have to worry about the parts costing much, as they’ll last longer anyway. Finding a great auto company that you can rely on, like Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, will save you money and time and that will bring down the net cost of the parts as you won’t be jumping from shop to shop looking to avoid getting ripped off when you’d be safe with us, anyway.

Insurance Rates

Insurance is, unfortunately, a cost that you won’t be able to reduce by much. While there is a litany of variables that come into play when determining how much money you’ll have to pay for insurance, having a more expensive vehicle will make those rates go up. A vehicle that doesn’t cause drooling and envy from other drivers on the road won’t cost as much to insure, but it also won’t be as much fun to drive. While there is little you can do to stop an accident, making sure that you bring your 5 Series in for regular check-ups ensures that all of the crash avoiding technology and your brakes are super responsive so that you can avoid increasing those insurance costs.

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Our luxury import auto maintenance shop is dedicated to ensuring that your machine runs the way you’ve always dreamed of. Purchasing a BMW 5 Series is a major life event and there’s no reason it should not live up to your every expectation. Through Luxury Import Auto Repair Specialist, we’ll do our best to keep your BMW affordable and in good condition so that you can enjoy many years of being in the driver’s seat of a beautiful car.