1. Common BMW Maintenance

    There’s no point attempting to refute it, BMW’s are incredible machines. Those landmark components that they’re valued for, such as those fiery little engines and rear-wheel drive is just a portion of why they have such a large fanbase. That being said, there are many BMW fanatics that need to buy their vehicles used because of the general price point that this high-quality auto starts at. U…Read More

  2. The German Import Auto Industry Looks Bleak

    A new business tariff has been presented to import automakers, but this time the German automakers were singled out. This statement from the President caused the automaker's shares to drop and provoked strong rebukes from Berlin. This squabble stems from an interview the President had with a German newspaper by the name of Bild. Trump offered his thoughts about the German carmakers not manufacturi…Read More

  3. Ordinary Volvo Repair Needs

    Volvo reigns as one of the more distinguished import autos that you can purchase. From the classic angular models of the 80s and 90s to the sleek, European-style models of today, they remain beautiful, high-performance vehicles. Paired with the company’s list of awards and tons of happy customers, it’s a brand that no educated car connoisseur could look down on. That being said, all vehicles w…Read More

  4. Advice From An Auto Maintenance Shop: How to Buy a Car On Craigslist

    The easiest and least expensive way to buy an affordable import car is on Craigslist. Everyone gets envious when they see a beautiful Porsche or BMW, even when it’s from 1994. In some cases, people turn green with jealousy especially when that little car is from 1994 instead of a newer model. However, Craigslist has been known for having a few problems stemming from dishonest users. So what’s …Read More

  5. Driver Safety Tech Won’t Lower Your Insurance But will Raise Your Auto Repair Costs

    In recent months, Direct Line has offered Tesla owners five percent off their yearly premium when they enable autopilot. Within Tesla’s vehicles, the autopilot function is a semi-autonomous driver assist system. When Direct Line, an insurer in Britain, announced this deal, everyone who owns a Tesla came out in droves asking where their discount was, but it didn’t exist for American buyers. The…Read More

  6. Foreign Cars You Couldn’t Purchase Previously

    After 25 years, import auto from the late 80s are finally entering our portion of the planet. If you're interested in foreign cars, then these new little gems offer an amazing opportunity to tap into, as they are sometimes better equipped than the North American versions and remain in better shape. Most of the time they’re a great way to get a classic car with impressive performances and afforda…Read More

  7. Import Cars You Couldn’t Purchase Previously

    As a European auto repair shop, we always get excited when new foreign cars are on the market. Even though it’s been 25 years since these newly imported cars surfaced on the foreign market, it’s no surprise that these are still managing to excite the classic car collectors in the U.S. The Toyota MR2 SW20 While this did originally reach the states in the form of the MR2, it was super hard to co…Read More

  8. 4 Reasons to Take Import Cars to a Luxury Auto Repair Shop

    When you have an imported car, you have to treat it with more care than you would a domestic one. This could include filling up with a higher grade of gasoline or getting it serviced more often. So, when it comes to import car maintenance or repair, it’s important to head to a luxury auto repair shop for unparalleled, specialized service. Why You Should Opt for a Luxury Auto Repair Shop for Your…Read More

  9. Luxury Auto Repair Specialists Highlight 3 Bad Habits You Need to Drop

    Few experiences beat the thrill of driving a luxury or import vehicle. But as the luxury auto repair team at Kudos Import Auto Service & Performance in Saint Charles, MO, explains, failing to care for your car can lead to severe mechanical issues. Quite often, bad habits that may seem harmless at the time are the leading culprits behind damage. 3 Bad Habits Luxury Auto Repair Specialists Advis…Read More

  10. Luxury Auto Repair Experts Share 5 Signs Your Car Needs Service

    If you have an exotic or imported car, you want to keep it in pristine condition. Finding a reliable source for luxury auto repair with technicians who understand the intricacies of these vehicles is essential, and so is knowing when to take your car to them. Kudos Import Auto Service & Performance in St. Charles, MO, provides high-quality maintenance and repairs in the St. Louis area and expl…Read More