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Automotive Detailing in St Charles

Automotive Detailing In St. Charles
We Are The Premier St. Charles Automotive Detailing Experts

Exotic modern car

Expert Car Detailing Steps

Far beyond a simple car wash, professional auto detailing gets into the nooks and crannies, the in’s and out’s, the crevices and clefts of your car to restore it to its original look. Nothing is as guaranteed to make you feel proud to get behind the wheel of your vehicle than when it’s looking spotless and feeling amazing.

At Kudos Import and Performance in St Charles, we offer auto detailing services that include:
  • Bumper to bumper hand wash
  • Polishing of wheels, chrome and tires
  • Conditioning and Cleaning of all plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces
  • Shampooing of carpet, headliner and upholstery
  • Cleaning of all windows
  • Waxing of exterior

St Charles' Automotive Detailing Pros

Driven by a passion for the world's hottest and most luxurious automobiles, we know that your car is at its most impressive when it looks as good as it can. That being said, it is the focus of our entire car detail team to make your car, regardless of its make and model, shine in the manner that it should and leave you feeling like the proud owner you once were. 

From wheels to sunroof, from bumper to bumper, our auto detailing packages make a pretty package out of your prized possession. Our promise to our valued clients is that we will treat your car with kid gloves while restoring its luster and shine.  
Black modern car on the road

Auto Detailing at Kudos

$36.25 & Up
  • Top to bottom, hand wash & dry
  • Windows cleaned & tire dressing

Workday Warrior

$73.75 & Up
  • Top to bottom , hand wash & dry
  • Door jambs washed & wiped clean
  • Interior vacuumed & dusted
  • Windows cleaned & tire dressing
  • Impunities removal & spray wax

Saturday Night Special

$161.25 & Up
  • Top to bottom, hand wash & dry
  • Door jambs washed & wiped clean
  • Interior vacuumed & dusted
  • Windows cleaned & tire dressing
  • Single coat of industrial grade wax


$248.75 & Up
  • All services of package 3
  • 3 stage paint correction & sealant (clay bar, machine polish & wax) + Interior package

Interior Package

$123.75 & Up
  • Carpet vacuumed & shampooed
  • Upholstery vacuumed & extracted/conditioned
  • Floor mats extracted
  • Dash detailed & conditioned
  • Console & air vents cleaned
  • Nooks & crannies cleaned
  • Inside of windows cleaned
  • Air freshener
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