Don’t Let Audi Repair Get You Down


We get it; having to get your Audi repaired is never fun. In fact, we are willing to bet that getting your Audi repaired is one of the last things you want to have to do with your hard earned money. However, as any car owner knows, eventually you are going to have to get your car repaired. Repairs are a part of owning a car. However, with a bit of maintenance many repairs can be avoided or at least greatly reduced. In today’s post, we are going to continue where we left off last time and cover some of the issues that commonly plague Audi instrument cluster and what you, the owner, can do to identify them or possibly fix them. Continue reading below to learn more.


Audi Needs Repair? No Problem.


In our last post, we covered a few of the most common reasons that your Audi’s instrument cluster is experiencing problems. Instrument clusters on Audi’s, while great in their functionality, can be a bit of a pain because of their sophistication. That beautiful electronic instrument cluster require energy and circuitry and, occasionally, those components don’t always behave as they should. Below, we have listed a few more ways that your Audi’s instrument cluster could mess up.



  • Won’t Light Up: Occasionally, Audi owners will go to turn on their vehicle only to find that the instrument cluster will not light up or turn on. Obviously, this is a bit concerning and should be remedied as soon as possible. If this happens in your Audi, there are typically two causes. Before freaking out, make sure that your interior light dimmer switch hasn’t been turned down by accident. If you find that your dimmer switch is turned all the way up, it could be that your headlamp switch has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If, after all of that, your instrument cluster still isn’t lighting up, bring your Audi to Kudos Import and Performance and let us diagnose the issue.
  • One Gauge Won’t Work: While this is more commonly experienced on non-digital instrument panels, it can still happen to your Audi’s instrument cluster. If you notice that a single gauge is acting erratically but the rest of the instrument cluster is fine, you may want to check the inputs associated with that particular gauge. Each gauge receives information from different vehicle sensors and, if a sensor goes out, this can cause the gauge to behave strangely. A quick and easy way to make sure that your Audi’s digital instrument cluster is working properly and is not the root cause of your problem is to ground the sensor or sending unit associated with the gauge. If everything is working correctly, doing this will cause the corresponding gauge to max out, confirming that the problem does not lie within the electronics or wiring, but rather with the sensor hooked to the gauge.



If your Audi’s instrument cluster is acting up and you just can’t figure out what the issue is, please do not hesitate to give us a call at Kudos Import And Performance. We are the Audi repair specialists and we are confident that once you experience our services you will not want to have your import vehicle handled by any other import auto shop. Don’t take our word for, bring your Audi in for a maintenance check and let us show you what quality work looks like.